Upon A Death

Upon A Death

Upon a Death - The First Steps

Call us on 07787 687 435 for information and guidance on the immediate practical first steps to take after someone has passed away. First steps will vary, depending on how and when the person passed away.

We understand that this time is difficult enough without having to think about the administration that is required immediately after a bereavement. Austin, Davis & Son is here to help you from the outset and we can take care of entire process for you.

Read the brief overviews below to find for more information relevant to your situation or contact us to find out how we can help you now.

Expected Death at Home

When the expected death happens at home, the GP or NHS Helpline (call 111) should be phoned as soon as possible to come and verify the death. The doctor will issue a formal notice of death, which is needed to obtain the death certificate. If the person has passed away at night you do not need to call the GP until the morning, unless you would like to. 

As funeral directors, we should be contacted as soon as possible so that we may take your loved one into our care.

Unexpected or Accidental Death

If the death is unexpected or accidental, call 999 immediately. The Emergency Services will advise you over the phone on the immediate next steps. 

The death may then need to be reported to the coroner, in which case a post mortem will usually be required. The coroner will notify you when you can register the death.

We welcome you to contact us at any point in the process to help with arrangements.

Death at Hospital or Hospice

If the death has happened at the hospital, or hospice, they will notify you when you can collect the notice of death. This needs to be collected to then register the death.

Once you are ready, please contact us so that we may collect your loved one to take them to our chapel of rest.

Registering a Death

Registering a death should be done within five days, unless the coroner is involved, at the deceased’s local Register Office.

DWP Help with Funeral Costs

Depending on your circumstances and income, the DWP can help with a funeral payments. You may get a Funeral Expenses Payment if you receive certain benefits. Help may include:

  • The cost of the doctor’s certificate of death;
  • Burial fees and cover for the rights for burial in a particular plot;
  • Cremation fees;
  • Up to £700 for funeral expenses, including funeral directors fees, flowers and coffin transportation.

Download the SF200 form from the .gov.uk website here for further details.

How Can Austin, Davis and Son Help Me?

We are here when you need us. Tell us if you want help from the beginning, or if you need help with one particular aspect, or would like us to manage the entire process. 

We tailor funerals to suit every need. We offer a simple, low-cost funeral package, but can add to it as you require. Once you have contacted us and we understand what the requirements are, we will give you a verbal estimate and then issue a written estimate of costs in full.

We ask for a deposit to be paid 48 hours prior to the funeral or cremation, which is to cover any fees we make on your behalf. We understand that you may not have been prepared for the passing of a loved one and can be accomodating in circumstances where, for example, you are awaiting an insurance pay out or similar. We would be happy to discuss options for handling this when you contact us.

Call us on 07887 687 435 for more information.

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