Funeral Services for London, Hertfordshire & Essex

Austin, Davis & Son Funeral Directors are specialists in funerals for families in London, Hertfordshire & Essex. We are a family-run business, offering affordable and professional services to help you navigate through this difficult time.

The most central part of our role as Funeral Directors is to reflect your wishes throughout this process, as well as those of the deceased. When a funeral or cremation is professionally arranged by Austin, Davis and Son, we become the caretaker of a long list of practical arrangements needed prior, during and after the ceremony, leaving you and your family free to pay your last respects.

We can be as hands on as you need us to be. Most people prefer us to manage the whole thing; some families like to arrange specific aspects and delegate the rest to us; and some people opt to use us simply in a consultancy capacity. Whatever your requirements, we are here when you need us.

Please see below for details on the range of services we offer.

Funeral Cost London, Hertfordshire & Essex

Austin, Davis and Son Funeral Directors create individual, personal funerals, cremations and woodland burials; from the discrete to the lavish. Whether you know exactly what you want or need a little direction and advice, we are here to help you get it exactly right for on the day. To help you get started, the prices below give the basic price for a funeral or cremation and can be added to as you wish.


£ 975
  • Simple Cremation Package


£ 1495
  • Simple Funeral Package

Traditional Funeral

£ 1995
  • Traditional Funeral Package


£ 1650
  • Woodland Burial Package


£ 1850
  • Direct Burial Package

Other Services

In addition to our Funerals, Cremations and Woodland Burial Packages, some families like to use our expertise for only certain aspects of funeral arrangements. Below is an overview to show some of the services we can help with, but please give us a call to discuss all the ways in which may assist you – we are flexible.

Services | Cremation Urns

Cremation Urns

Austin, Davis and Son offers a wide selection of cremation urns for you to choose from. Select viewing samples and catalogues are available from our offices.

Cremation urns come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and colours, including biodegradable options for ashes burials. We can assist you with any engraving you may want (material dependent).

Prices start from £65 for a basic urn.

Headstones & Memorial Plaques

Brochures are available for viewing in our offices, where you can select from a variety of shapes and sizes for headstones and memorial plaques.

Each cemetery and churchyard has its own set of regulations regarding what can be done, so we can help you select based on our know-how in this area.

Prices start from £1000 for a simple headstone only and £600 for an in-ground memorial plaque.


We have skilled coffin builders on our team, and although we do not build coffins ourselves these days, we can use our expertise in this area to help guide you through the many coffin options available.

Catalogues are available from our offices, with prices starting at £150 for a simple coffin.

Transportation / Fleet

We have a large fleet of cars available for ceremonies, including hearses for transporting your loved one to their final place of rest and limousines to escort the attendees.

Our chauffeur driven cars can and take you to and from the ceremony location. 

One hearsette is £275, one hearse is £365 and a limousine is £250.


Austin, Davis and Son can provide you with a traditional and elegant horse drawn funeral carriage in lieu of a hearse, to transport the deceased to the service.

Prices start at £1150 for one carriage led by two horses and the driver.


An officiant is a person who performs ceremonial rites and we have many handpicked professionals we can refer.

We have contacts that offer faith-based, non-denominational and non-religious ceremonies.

Fees start at £198. 

Flowers & Wreaths

We can help you arrange for flowers and wreaths for a funeral or cremation service.

We have relationships with a number of florists who specialise in flower arrangements for such occasions.

Prices start at £60 for a simple coffin spray.

Dove Releases

We can provide you with doves for a symbolic release on the day of a funeral or cremation. 

Our doves are cared for by an experienced aviculturist and are trained to us return after release – they are not permanently released into the wild.

Prices start at £130 for four doves.

Balloon Releases

Some families like to commemorate their loved ones at a funeral, cremation or remembrance by releasing balloons.

We can help arrange remembrance balloons for the day. Our balloons are helium-filled,100% biodegradable latex and available in a number of colours. 

Prices start at £80 for 10 white balloons.

Order of Service Booklets

When a funeral takes place, an order of service is a guide for guests of what to expect at the ceremony.

We can help design and print these for you, ready to be handed out to guests on the day.

Prices start at £120 for 30 copies of a four-page, colour booklet.  

Services | In Memorium Cards

In Memorium Cards

We can have In Memorium cards printed for you. These usually include a photo of the person who has passed, dates and a message of your choosing on the back, but can be customised to you preference. In Memorium cards can be shared with attendees on the day or you can opt to post them to people.

We provide these free of charge when we arrange a funeral, or 75p per piece as an ad hoc service.

In Loving Memory Candles

For many, lighting a candle signifies remembrance. We are currently working on a range of candles to make available for this purpose. 

Currently, our simple In Loving Memory Candles are available in a white linen & orchid scent for £4 each. 

Extended Services

Austin, Davis and Son also offer services which are separate from our Funerals, Cremations and Woodland Burials Packages.

Grave Tending

We understand that it may not always be possible for relatives to maintain the uptake of a grave, whether it is due to distance, age, or any number of reasons. Our team can tend to the grave on your behalf.

Our Grave Tending service can include:

  • Headstone or memorial cleaning (basic or deep cleaning);
  • Grass clipping/weeding;
  • General tidying, such as removing leaves and emptying flower pots;
  • Reading or saying something on a relative’s behalf;
  • Laying fresh flowers;
  • Before and after photograph.
Untitled design (26)

Prices start from £50 for the basics, but we tailor our Grave Tending service around your wants and needs, which lets you pick and choose what you would like each time, therefore prices vary. 

Please contact us to discuss your grave tending requirements and we will provide you with a written quote.

Planning Your Own Funeral

In planning your own funeral, you not only give yourself peace of mind that it will be exactly as you want, but you take away from any indecision that your loved ones may have at that time. We offer two options for this service:

Planning Only: We will work with you to find out exactly what you would like, how you would like it…but unfortunately not when you would like it (though it is possible to choose a preferred day of the week)!

We will write up these requirements on your behalf and send this to you to share with relatives / lawyers / Will executors. We can also keep a backup copy with us at your request.

The payment of the funeral can then be taken care of at the time by your insurance, family or estate.

Pre-Paid Funerals and Cremations: This is inclusive of all the planning, but you will secure your own funeral at today’s prices. Funeral prices have risen almost 5% in the past year, so if paying for and planning your own funeral is something you intend on doing, it is advisable to do it sooner rather than later.

There are no additional hidden costs to surprise relatives later. Once it is paid for, the funeral will be delivered at the price you pay, with your specifications all covered. Every pre-paid funeral is secured in a trust and we can provide you with details when you contact us.


Did You Know...?

“Independent funeral directors charge, on average, around 10% less for funerals than large corporates.”

The Competitions & Markets Authority interim report, 2018

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