Our Edmonton Branch Grand Opening

Our Edmonton Branch Grand Opening

On Saturday 8 February 2020 we celebrated the official launch of Austin, Davis & Son in Edmonton, London with a Grand Opening.

In attendance were Guests of Honour, Cllr Kate Anolue (Mayor of Enfield) and Kate Osamor (MP for Edmonton). Also showing us their support were members of the local clergy, industry associates, many local residents, as well as our family and friends.

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Mayor Anolue said, “Having had 40 years’ experience as a midwife, where you are bringing people into life, it’s comforting to know that when we go, we’re going to be treated respectfully. Hence, we need services such as this. I thank you for bringing this service into Edmonton.”

MP Osamor said, “I think that no matter how we look at life, we know that, unfortunately, death is promised to us. Thank you for bringing this service to Edmonton.” She continued, “We need to ensure that we support local businesses such as this one, and to ensure that we are working side by side. So, thank you to all of the residents who have come here to show your support today.”

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, the Chapel of Rest was given a formal blessing by our good friend Reverend Tina Kelsey from the local St. Peter’s church where she said, “Love is about how we live with one another, but it is also how we let go when the time for parting comes. This is when places like this chapel of rest can help. It gives space and time for families to come and spend those last precious moments with their loved ones, as the date of the funeral approaches.”

On the day, we were also treated with a visit from the stunning Jester & Jasper, our two favourite horses from Sonny Hillier Horsedrawn Carriages, whilst entertainment was provided by soloist singer Shelley Nash and Highland bagpiper Matthew McRae.








Of the opening, Angela Bailey (Managing Director and Principal Funeral Director) said, “Today has been brilliant for us and it’s lovely to know that we have so much support. Thank you to the Mayor and Ms Osamor for formally opening the branch. And thank you to everyone who came along – we appreciate you. We look forward to serving the Edmonton community with affordable funerals.”

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